EFAA-Accountancy Europe Event: A Global Solution for Auditing Less Complex Entities

Video available here

We discussed IAASB’s proposed auditing standard for less complex entities (LCE). The IAASB has taken a significant step and proposes a new stand-alone auditing standard for less complex entities. First, we will hear about the objectives and the details of the proposed standard from the IAASB’s LCE Task Force Chair; then speakers will present perspectives from a practitioner’s, a user’s and a regulator’s point of view. Welcome are all stakeholder groups with an interest in audits of less complex entities.

15.00 Opening remarks

Salvador Marín, President, EFAA for SMEs
Hilde Blomme, Deputy CEO, Accountancy Europe

15.10 ED ISA for LCE presentation

Kai Morten Hagen, Chair of the IAASB LCE Task Force

15.30 Fireside sessions

Mark Babington, Financial Reporting Council – UK
Burçak Inel, European Banking Federation
Monica Stefan, Chamber of Financial Auditors (CAFR) – Romania

16.00 Discussion moderated by Kai Morten Hagen

16.45 Closing remarks

Hilde Blomme, Deputy CEO, Accountancy Europe
Paul Thompson, Director, EFAA for SMEs