Online events – Future of SMPs

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Role of SMPs in the Implementation of the EU’s SME Strategy

Friday, 20 November, 11:30 CET

The virtual event gives the opportunity to discuss with decision makers and key stakeholders the EU SME Strategy. The consequences of the pandemic on SMEs and on SMPs are highlighted. The event focus on how SMPs will need to adapt their skills in order to continue to offer the best advice and services to their SME clients.

11:30 Welcome and opening Remarks
Salvador Marín, EFAA President
11:40 Keynote Adress
Dolors MONTSERRAT– MEP, Chair of the Committee on Petition
11:55 Panel Discussion and Audience Q&A
Monica Foerster, Chair of the IFAC Small and Medium Practices Advisory Group
Birgit Weidel, Head of Unit, DG GROW, European Commission
Veronique Willems, Secretary General, SMEunited
Chair: Paul Thompson, EFAA Director
12:55 Closing Remarks
Salvador Marin, EFAA President

The video of the webinar is available here. Slides are available upon request to

Future of Non-Financial Reporting by SMEs

Thursday, 29 October, 13:30 CET

EFAA and SMEunited are pleased to announce the following event and are looking forward to exchanging and discussing the topic with you.

During the event we discussed what shape and form NFR should take for SMEs. The event was particularly relevant due to the EFRAG mandate on the possible European Non-Financial Reporting Standard.

13:30 Welcome and Opening Remarks
Alban Maggiar, SMEunited President and Salvador Marín, EFAA President
13:45 Keynote Address
Alain Deckers, Head of Unit, DG FISMA, European Commission
14:05 Panel Discussion & Audience Q&A
Saskia Slomp, CEO, EFRAG
Esther Ortiz, Professor at University of Murcia, Member of EFAA’s Accounting Expert Group
Luc Hendrickx, Director at SMEunited
Chair: Richard Martin, Head of Reporting, ACCA & Chair of EFAA’s Accounting Expert Group
14:50 Closing Remarks
Salvador Marín, EFAA President

The video of the webinar is available hereSlides are available upon request to

Future of SMPs: Building Digital Competency

Thursday, 15 October, 14:00 CET

Key topic is the importance of digitalization for SMPs, all the more vital as a result of the pandemic, and how EFAA’s Digital Competency Maturity Model (DCMM) can be used to help SMPs raise their digital competency. The webinar shares initial results, as reported in this recent report on the use of the DCMM, and goes on to discuss what we can learn from these results. The audience is invited to contribute ideas on how best to further promote and develop the DCMM.

14:00 Opening Remarks
Salvador Marín, President, EFAA
14:10 Accelerating SMP Digitalization 
Martin de Bie, Advisor New Technology & Innovation, 216 – Chair of EFAA’s Digital Working Group
14:20 EFAA’s Digital Competency Maturity Model
Noël de Rudder, Product Lead Accounting solutions, CaseWare – Member of EFAA’s Digital Working Group
14:35 Questions & Answers
Martin de Bie
14:55 Closing Remarks
Paul Thompson, Director, EFAA

The video of the webinar is available hereSlides are available upon request to