EFAA Publishes Summary of Key Policy Positions and Recommendations 2021

This short publication presents the work achieved by EFAA over the last few years. The publication stresses the vital role which small- and medium-sized accounting practices (SMPs) play in supporting SMEs as well as EFAA’s relations and continuous work with relevant stakeholders, mainly in the UE. It also outlines our key positions and recommendations.

EFAA works incessantly to speak for and defend SMPs and to promote their essential role in supporting SMEs by providing high-quality professional accountancy and advisory services. Through this, SMPs contribute to the stability and future economic and social prosperity of SMEs and therefore also, by extension, to the welfare of Europe and Europeans in general. SMPs are also a key component in the shaping of the economic recovery and in fostering the further development of the Single Market.

At all times, and especially in these difficult times, it is essential that relevant stakeholders be reminded to “think small first”, aim for “smart regulation” and support the welfare and prosperity of small entities.

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