Salvador Marín re-elected EFAA President, Johan De Coster, Gerard van IJzendoorn, Farouk Boulbahri and Ciprian Teodor Mihăilescu elected Board members

At its 2023 Annual General Meeting of 26 May, the European Federation of Accountants for SMEs (EFAA) re-elected Salvador Marín as EFAA President for a four-year term. Johan De Coster (ITAA, Belgium) and Gerard van IJzendoorn (NBA, the Netherlands) were confirmed as EFAA Board members. Farouk Boulbahri (CNOEC, France) and Ciprian Teodor Mihăilescu (CAFR, Romania) were unanimously elected Board members.

Marín was nominated by Consejo General de Economistas (CGE) and gained the unanimous support of EFAA’s member organisations. Marin’s has been EFAA President since June 2019.

Marín said: “EFAA for SMEs has in recent years increased its fundamental role in making the voice of SMPs and SMEs heard loud and clear on the most important issues: sustainability for SMPs and SMEs, digitalisation, auditing of less complex entities, financial reporting for SMEs, talent retention, SAFE, early warning and other accounting, auditing and tax issues that interest us. With the support of our members and proper coordination, we have undoubtedly been able to consolidate the leadership and representativeness of our profession in our field of action and will continue in this line. We also keep our doors open to all national PAOs wishing to join EFAA’s great family: each year our membership keeps increasing, because it is clear that our members are the main advisors to SMEs and that it is very important to share experience and best practice as well as to properly present them to the different interest groups. In summary, EFAA for SMEs, as the doyen organisation in the EU after 30 years of work and leadership, will continue to do its utmost to help our SMEs to grow, gain visibility and be heard. I look forward to working tirelessly with the EFAA members, staff and Board so that EFAA can continue to provide great service and support to its members, to SMEs and to our profession.”

The partially renewed EFAA Board will keep working to strengthen the role EFAA plays as the voice of accountants working in SMEs and SMPs in Europe.

In the picture: Representatives attending the EFAA Annual General Meeting in Lisbon on 26 May 2023