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Strengthening EFAA Members' Value Proposition: SMPs supporting EU SMEs through IP Guidance

‘The EU is undergoing a rapid sustainable transition and accountants, as key business advisors for their SME clients, are diversifying what they offer such as embracing IP and acting many times as a first stop for basic IP advice.”
Salvador Marín, EFAA for SMEs President

Accountants are Vital for SMEs to Understand Intellectual Property (IP)

Did you know that over 25% of SMEs turn to their trusted accountants for guidance on Intellectual Property (IP) matters? As an accountant, you play a crucial role in helping SMEs navigate IP leveraging these intangible assets for business growth. You can be their first contact with IP, guiding them at a very early stage.                                      
With this in mind, on 9 October 2020, EFAA for SMEs signed a collaboration with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), joining the Ideas Powered for Business (IPFB) network.

Understanding Intellectual Property (IP)

IP encompasses creations of the mind, ranging from artworks to inventions, trademarks to commercial signs. It’s pivotal for companies innovating or launching products/services, enabling them to share solutions and negotiate agreements without risking misappropriation. 
joint report by EUIPO and the European Patent Office (EPO) reveals that SMEs registering IP rights experience 68% higher revenue per employee compared to those that don’t.

Benefits of IP for Businesses

  • Commercial advantage: preventing unauthorised exploitation.
  • Competing with larger companies: IP rights level the playing field for smaller businesses.
  • Investor confidence: Companies with IP rights are viewed as safer investments.
  • Direct income source: IP owners can sell or license their IP rights.

Common IP Rights

Use and share this leaflet with clients to identify IP assets, their benefits and IP office contacts.

IP Services for SMEs

Remember, you are not just an accountant; you are a strategic partner in the success of SMEs.

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